Business Guide to Local Search

Don’t spend another PENNY on advertising – online or off – until you claim all of your FREE listings in the most powerful and far reaching business advertising directory ever invented.

Did I mention that claiming your listings is ridiculously easy – as long as you know where to start?

There’s GREAT news in store for you if your business maintains a listing in any of your local yellow page directory. Even if you don’t have a web site – chances are your business has a page one listing on the internet. This page one listing is not only free – it’s getting found by more and more potential customers each and every day. What makes this truly GREAT news is – you didn’t have to do a THING to get this prime bit of web real estate other than advertise in the yellow pages.

That great news gets even better! If you’ve paid for a yellow page listing – no matter if it’s just a basic listing – your business doesn’t have just ONE of these free and effective advertising web sites – you have MANY! Some of these free ad sites even allow you to create coupons to promote your business.

The links to these free advertising web sites are featured front and center with every major search engine!

Some of these ads were CREATED by the search engines to be triggered when someone in your area is looking for YOUR business.

At this point you may be wondering WHY? Why did the search engines do this just for you and your business? Here’s the answer:

If the Yellow Pages aren’t dead yet, they soon will be.

We’re entering an era predicted by Bill Gates in 1997 when he claimed that the printed yellow page directory would be extinct in 5 years. It’s 13 years later and his prediction appears to be coming true even if his time line was overly optimistic.

The yellow page directory is quickly becoming obsolete and that is ushering in a new era for online advertising known as Local Search.
Local search is free online advertising that appears front and center on the first search page when a customer searches the web for the products and services your business offers.

Local search is in its infancy and instead of waiting for small business owners to get on board, the search engines and other local search providers took matters into their own hands. They automatically created an almost exact duplicate of every yellow page directory in North America online – resulting in FREE advertising for your business.

Not only is local search truly free (for now) – but it’s possibly the most EFFECTIVE FREE ONLINE ADVERTISING.

In case you didn’t think it could get any better – it does.

Unlike most things “online” – this effective free online advertising is also RIDICULOUSLY EASY FOR ANYONE TO USE!

If you can click on a link – enter information with a keyboard – AND you know where to go – then you have what it takes to claim your free online advertising.

So to recap- local search listings are:

* free (for now)
* effective
* easy

If your business maintained ANY KIND of business listing in the yellow pages over the past five years – then you already have more than one of these local search listings online waiting to be put to work for your business right now!

There are six major local search listing players online – and its possible your business has a local search listing with each of these local search giants.

Congratulations – by just having a business phone number – your business may have several instant local search listings – many with page one SERPs (Search Engine Results Page)!

* You probably have more than just one local search listing! That means more ways for more customers to find your business!

Right now -local search is one of the best kept secrets on the internet.

Because your competitors are probably as unaware of the local search listings as you were before you got to this page – if you take control of this instant page one web presence – you can literally DOMINATE your competitors.

* Once you have control over your local search listing – you can easily not only easily add essential contact information for your business.

* In a few cases, you can use create coupons which motivate customers to take action which can make this free local search listing an even more powerful promotion tool for your business.

Even better news – taking control of this instant page one web presence is ridiculously easy for anyone to do!
Your business may have not one but several free listings which appear on the first page when prospective and current customers search the web.
Not only is this online business advertising free and effective – you didn’t have to do anything to get it.

If you’re a new business and your listing hasn’t appeared in the yellow page directory yet – there’s no need to fear. Getting your business listed in these online local search directories is ridiculously simple to do.

While you may not have done anything to get this web presence – you do need to take action to CLAIM it.

That’s right – if you haven’t claimed your local search listing – in all five of the local search giant directories – then it’s literally up for grabs!
Until you claim your listings – anyone can lay claim to them.

Once you claim them – you can expand your listing to act a a powerful page one web presence for your business that will provide prospective customers with directions on how to get to your business from where they are!

Not only can your local listing provide turn by turn directions – but on some sites you can also add free business building coupons to encourage customers to do business with you!
But only if you claim EACH of your listings.

This is truly a time of great opportunity for the smart business owner. This is the beginning of a new era.

Back in the 1990’s – smart business owners began grabbing simple domain names for their businesses. Today, those simple domain names alone are worth a small fortune.

Today – smart business owners are claiming their local search listings – and putting themselves miles ahead of the competition.
This is literally the opportunity of a lifetime – if you know where to go and how to claim each of your local search listings.

It’s ridiculously easy to claim your listing – if you know where to look and what to do.

Most local listings remain unclaimed and the lucky business owners who are smart enough to claim theirs are finding it’s easy to rise to the number one position within these local search listings.

If you don’t know how to claim your local search listings with each of the top 6 local search providers – you need the quick and easy step by step guide to claiming your local search listing.

For just $34.95 – you’ll get step by step instructions on exactly how to claim your local search listing with the big three search engines – plus information on how to claim your listing with the “other” local search giants which recently emerged from Beta.

This is streamlined guide written for business owners – not computer geeks.

This simple information shows you how to quickly and easily claim each of your free local business listings.

You’ll also get a guidance on how to navigate the confusing maze known as IYD – Internet Yellowpage Directories. Which ones are legit? Which ones aren’t? How can you avoid getting taken for hundreds of dollars?

Right now -local search is in its infancy. Imagine were your business would be if you had gotten in on the ground floor when the internet was shiny and new?

This is your opportunity to jump to the front and put miles between you and your competition.

Opportunity is knocking…. are you willing to answer?

Claiming your listing with the six major players in local search is incredibly easy. If your business isn’t listed – creating your listing is easy and free – FOR NOW.

You could spend hours – days – perhaps weeks – tracking down where you need to go to claim your listing. Get your guide to where to go by simply clicking the button below to pick up your copy of the Business Owner’s Guide to Local Search.

To make the Business Owner’s Guide to Local Search as easy as possible – it’s been created in digital format. That means you only have to click on the links in the digital document to go directly the local search sites to claim your listing.

The first and most critical step in dominating local search is to claim your listing.

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