Easy HTML Sidebar Widgets in Wordpress

Create Sidebar Text Widgets in WordPress Without Learning to Code

Quickly and easily add clickable images into the sidebar of your self hosted WordPress blog without learning how to FTP or code in HTML.

Easy HTML Sidebar Widgets in Wordpress

You love WordPress because it has freed you of the burden of learning how to HTML. However, the ugly truth is SOMETIMES you need to know a little HTML in order to create the sidebar widgets with images in WordPress…


With literally hundreds of clients using WordPress blogs - I’ve had more than a couple of requests for me to create a sidebar widget for my clients who fear HTML. Imagine my delight when I figured out a way for my clients to insert images into their sidebar widget

Now, I’m sharing this “secret” with the world. You don’t have to know how to code in HTML to include images in the sidebar of your WordPress blog.

Now ANYONE can feature those nifty RSS subscription buttons in their sidebar. Anyone can promote their ebook and proudly display their ebook cover design.

This sanity saving ebook is offered at the low - low price of $4.95. For less than the cost of 15 minutes of Virtual Assistant web help, you can add hyper linked images to your WordPress sidebar quickly and easily.

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